Considering the high influx of pilgrims who come to our monastery every weekend—from all over Italy and from abroad—to attend the Sunday Service led by Swami Roberto;

In a spirit of collaboration with the Civil authorities—who are making every effort to contain the risks of contagion from Coronavirus—and in order to protect the health of our faithful and also of the citizens of Leini (TO) and of Frazione Tedeschi, where our Church is based;

The Church Anima Universale COMMUNICATES that the religious service at Sunday 10am (Darshan) is temporarily SUSPENDED until FURTHER NOTICE.

The community of Ramia monks invites all the faithful and friends to intensify the prayers to the Mother of God and of humanity, asking for her powerful intercession for the healing of the sick; for Healthcare Professionals and Law Enforcement Officers, who courageously face the current emergency for the protection of everyone’s health; and of course we pray with much faith for the end of the infection.

(Published on Sunday 23 February 2020 at 17:30)

Ecumenical Center for Spirituality

The “Divine Mother of Joy House” is a religious house of hospitality run by the voluntary association Divine Mother of Joy, and is intended for temporary stay of people who share a journey of faith and spirituality according to the Christians principles of the Church Universal Soul.

Information and reservations

The House is open on weekends.
To book your accommodation and/or meals:
Please call +39.011.9978928
Tuesday 6pm - 7pm
or Saturday 3pm - 6pm

Veduta parziale del grande refettorio

Where we are

The religious house “Divine Mother of Joy House“” is located inside the Ashram of Anima Universale [Universal Soul] in Leini, Turin, ITALY, via Enrico Mattei No. 70. (See Map)

Il chiostro del monastero con la Casa Divina Madre della Gioia

Beside accommodations, the House offers an atmosphere and an environment of serenity and silence, that fosters prayer and meditation in the adjacent places of worship of the Church Universal Soul.